11 Plus  


What is the Grammar School Entrance Exam?

The Entrance Exam/11Plus Exam is a selective test taken by some pupils in their last year of primary school. If children perfrom well, they will be offered a place a local grammar school. You do not need to sit the test if you intend to send your child to a state school.

The Gloucestershire 11 Plus examination changed in 2014 and the tests are currently being written and prepared by the 'Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring' at the University of Durham (CEM). The Entrance Test comprises two papers (approximately 45-50 minutes in length) sat on the same day with a short break in-between. The answers are completed on separate answer sheets which are usually electronically marked. The Entrance Tests are the same for all seven grammar schools in Gloucestershire and are sat on the same day.


How do I apply?

To register for the Gloucestershire Grammar Schools’ Entrance test please visit any of the Gloucestershire Grammar Schools’ websites where you will find an online registration form to register your child. 

Please make sure you have decided where you would like your child to sit the test; this is the ‘Test Centre’ and should be your first choice school. Other schools that you would like your child to be considered for are called ‘Share Schools’. Your choice of Test Centre will not affect your child’s chances of getting a place at any school provided you specify your ‘Share Schools’ when you apply. 


Does my child have the potential to pass the Entrance Exam?

I recommend children attend an assessment morning prior to signing up for Tutor Amy classes. Children will complete two 45 minute papers and receive a mini-performance report stating their strengths, areas for development and suitablilty for 11 Plus tuition. If children are working above age related expectations within English and Maths then they stand a better chance of passing the Entrance Exam.

Your child's CATs (Cognitive Ability Test) scores could also be used as a good indicator- speak to their class teacher for more information. 


What is included in the test?


-synonyms and antonyms,



-shuffled sentences




-short maths

-long maths

-non-Vebal Reasoning 



My tuition service is tailored around the specific requirements used in the county and will give your child the very best chance to succeed and pass the CEM Entrance Exam in Gloucestershire. I will do all the necessary research and ensure that what your child is being taught is up to date and relevant to the exam.

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